Automotive Textile

We make our textiles in a vertically integrated process at in-house plant using state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum efficiency and maximum quality. We work with weave and knit, as well as a wide range of applications, both traditional and innovative, to create unique and future-facing textiles.
Yarn, scrim and lamination foam used in the seat fabric production, are all manufactured within the company, as well as producing the fabric for headrests, door panels, and headliners.


Automotive Textile Design Team

Our design creations are developed by an international group of designers with a broad range of backgrounds and skills, located across Europe.

We create fabrics in close collaboration with our clients, proactive and reactive, with a fast turnaround of designs tailored to the customer’s requests. Our designers also work symbiotically with the Production and R&D Teams, to ensure we deliver both a feasible and innovative solution, working on short-term and long-term proposals.

Due to high range of products, we can often integrate design innovations in material or process, and find a way to bring it to feasibility, in partnership with our customers.

We have design offices in Türkiye, France, Italy, Belgium, the UK and Germany.

Automotive Textile Research & Development

We research and scan innovations around the globe, in all areas of the sciences, design sectors and philosophies. We pay attention to the market trends collaborating with our customers’ hopes for the future, and balance these to develop real-world possibilities for an emerging future.

Our R&D team runs many multi-disciplinary projects, involving teams from across the entire company; Seating, Foam, plastics, Electronics, testing our ideas against production realities and commercial possibilities, bringing them to feasibility.

Ecological solutions are at the heart of our research and development, focussing material choices, production processes, wastage and re-usage, with both incremental and radical proposals.

The R&D team also regularly develops a collection in tandem with our Project teams, bringing all these ideas into a single presentation. This is then shared with all our customers, as part of a larger Advance Vision event, where we discuss the future of life and mobility, and present the solutions that we propose for the emerging future of automotive interiors.

Seat Textile : Woven Dobby / Woven Jacquard / Circular Knit / Warp Knit / Flat Knit / Velour
Trim Textile : Fabrics for Headliner / Door panel / IP / Pillar
Lamination : Flame Lamination of Fabric / TEP / PVC / Nonwoven
Yarn : FTF/ ATY colored and melange yarn qualities from PES fibers
Warp Knit : PA/PES 20-90 g/m2
Circular Knit : PA/PES 30-60 g/m2

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